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The Oakmont Yacht Club was founded on July 4, 1903 and holds its place as one of the oldest inland
Yacht Club in the United States.

The Oakmont Yacht Club holds its place as the oldest inland Yacht Club in the United States. It still has the same vitality today as it was when it was founded on July 4, 1903, by C.V. Tiers and a group of his friends who were devoted to boating and other activities. At the end of the first year, its membership totaled forty boating enthusiasts.

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Our History

Clubhouse facilities in the founding year consisted of one rented houseboat in not the best condition - and an obligation of the membership was to take one's turn sleeping aboard the houseboat, ready to adjust the lines to suit the Allegheny Rivers' mood of the moment or to man the bilge pumps should the fragile craft begin to take on water.

In those early days, the Commodore's fleet was made up almost entirely of rowboats, to be followed later by canoes and sailboats. This was not unusual because nothing but man or wind propelled craft could be found on any body of water until 1916, when the first motor boat was introduced.


The 1920's and 1930's were wonderful years for Oakmont. The clarity of the river made swimming and other water sports popular during the hot summer days that ended in balmy evenings, perfect for dining and dancing under the stars. The Club was the very center of the area's social life, popular with young and old alike. Parties and Regattas brought many dignitaries to Oakmont, among them President Franklin D. Roosevelt who visited the Club in 1935 and 1937 as attested by his signature in the guest register.

Post war years brought the automobile into competition with boating and other water sports, but Oakmont remained the mainstay for true boat lovers. Today, with great interest of power boating, the Club is more than ever the center of river activities. Oakmont's present fleet totals houseboats and cruisers of all types.

OYC Burgee Wherever you go on U.S. waters, it's likely you'll see the familiar red and white burgee of the Oakmont Yacht Club flying from the mast of a proud owner's boat - a burgee that is a respected symbol of water safety.

Charter and By-Laws

Oakmont Yacht Club
11 Washington Ave.,
Oakmont, Pa. 15139

July 2,1903

Constitution Adopted August 12, 1903
Incorporated September 12, 1903

Charter Amended
April 15, 1951
August 3, 1954

By-Laws Adopted
September 16, 1903

Club House Opened
July 4,1904

By-Laws Revised
September 19,1905
November 19, 1913
January 31, 1922

New By-Laws Adopted
March 26, 1934
September 16, 1997

By-Laws Revised
April 14, 1946
March 8, 1949
March 13, 1956
June 1,1960
January 24,1961
March 11, 1969
October 6, 1976