Member/Docker Login

You must be an OYC member or docker to access the OYC club cameras. The purpose of installing these cameras is so boat owners can monitor their boats and river conditions when they cannot be at the marina..


The login is secure and can be obtained by contacting Amy Kendall, OYC office manager at (412-828-9847 or You can also contact one of the OYC Board Members. Your membership will be verified and you will be added to the list of users.


Note: Please do NOT give out this password to anyone not associated with the club or those who do not keep a boat at the OYC marina.


To Get Started:


Contact the OYC office to get the login and password information at 412-828-9847 or e-mail:
  Your name and and member number will be recorded and you will receive the username and password.

Click on the camera below that you want to view.




OYC web cams urls:




What to expect once you successfully login:


NOTE: The first time you log in, you might be prompted to download a free, thrid party software that is required to run the program called Active X. Agree to the terms, and download.

Enter the Username and Password provided (in all lower case).


If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer enter it in the first login.


If you are using Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser - use the second login.

Note: If you are attempting to log in from a business or a network that is extremely secure, you may run into an issue and may need to answer additional prompts.