OYC Secure Cameras

The Secure Cameras are a courtesy for boat owners who keep their boat at the Oakmont Yacht Club marina. Questions can be directed to our docmaster, Gary Cagle
at marina@oakmontyachtclub.com or 412-828-9847.

Accessing the Secure Cameras

What to expect once you successfully login:

NOTE: The first time you log in, you might be prompted to download a free, third party software that is required to run the program called Active X. Agree to the terms, and download the software.

  • Enter the Username and Password provided (in all lower case).
  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer enter it in the first login.
  • If you are using Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser - use the second login.

Note: If you are attempting to log in from a business or a network that is extremely secure, you may run into an issue and may need to answer additional prompts.